Teck Leong Metals

ETP/ EDM Copper

  • JIS C1100
  • ASTM C11000
  • DIN E-Cu58
  • ISO Cu-ETP
  • TLM Copper products are of the highest purity with superior conductivity. We carry more than 800 sizes for Copper Flat Bars.
  • They are drawn from raw materials of highest quality. Each bar goes through a rigorous quality control program in which they are inspected and electronically tested to ensure consistent top quality.
  • Very popular in Precision Engineering Industries (Mould Makers).
  • Most copper is used in electrical equipment such as wiring and motors. This is due to its good conductibility of heat and electricity.
  • Being practically immune to atmospheric corrosion, Copper is also the obvious choice for roofing, gluttering, downpipes, dampcoursing, etc.
  • Copper also has uses in construction, for example roofing and plumbing, and industrial machinery such as heat exchangers.