Teck Leong Metals

Perforated Metals

Popular Configurations
  • 60 Degree Staggered Pitch 
  • 90 Degree Staggered Pitch 
  • 45 Degree Staggered Pitch 
Hole Sizes 
  • from Dia 0.1mm (Electron Beam Perforation)
  • from Dia 1.0mm (Die and Punch Perforation)

TLM Perforated metals have a wide range of applications.  They can be used for expressing design intents for aesthetics purposes or structural applications in architecture and design.

Panels can be used on building facades, screens, balustrades, stairways, and many more.

Perforated metals can be used as a design tool allowing creativity with light, sound and visual depth.  They can also be used to regulate light and ventilation.